Terms & Conditions

Terms of Sale/Kid Reservations

We reserve the right to retain any kid born, that might be needed in our breeding program.

PRICING:  The prices listed, are for pre-ordered kids only, that are picked up by 4 weeks of age.  We do not guarantee listed prices on kids purchased after birth.  Boarding fees may be applied if kids are not picked up by the designated 4 week time period.

DEPOSITS:  To reserve a kid, a $100 deposit per kid is required.  Please include a 1st and 2nd choice kid selection with your deposit.

REFUNDS:  Deposits will promptly be refunded, should your choices of kids not be born. NO refunds are given on cancelled sales.  If neither of your choices are born, you may opt to make another kid selection, if any are available.  Please note: Nubians come in a variety of color patterns and we cannot garentee that kids born will be a certain color or pattern.  It is considered a cancelled sale if a kid is rejected due to color.

PAYMENT:  Please make check or money order payable to Laura Kieser. The balance of your kid order is due within 10 days after notification of birth.  Checks must be cleared before animal can be picked up.   If the balance is not paid in that time period, and other arrangements have not been made, the kid will be offered to another buyer and the deposit forfeited.

GUARANTEE:  We place no guarantee on kid purchases, as genetics are not always predictable.  Any structural defects as outlined in the ADGA Guidebook (Evaluation of Defects), that might occur in purchased kids, must be brought to breeder’s attention immediately.  In the event a defect presents itself, buyer must provide seller with a written report from a licensed veterinarian, concerning said defect.  Seller will then have a consultation with the veterinarian, concerning said defect, and decision will be made, about replacement or refund.   No refunds or replacements afteranimal turns one year of age.
We do guarantee the health of a kid when buyer takes possession.  Buyers are solely responsible for providing adequate care of kids purchased. Seller will not replace any animal that has been neglected, abused or injured, after leaving our farm.

     Bucks:  Bucks are guaranteed to be fertile, and should be able to settle a doe by 12 months of age.  Should a buck not settle a doe after reaching 12 months of age, buyer must notify seller within 60 days from the time he was used for service, provided he was over 12 months of age at the time of service.  A breeding soundness exam and semen collection report must be provided to seller from a licensed veterinarian, for sufficient proof of infertility.  A photograph (date stamped) of the current condition of the buck must also be provided to the seller.

     Does:  There is no guarantee on udder development of does upon freshening.   We will guarantee fertility of does if they are bred to kid before they reach two years of age.  The doe must have been bred to a buck proven to be fertile, by registration of progeny, during the previous breeding season.  No guarantees on does bred past the age of two.  Should a doe have a genetic defect, buyer must provide seller with a veterinary inspection report of said defect, from a licensed. A photograph (date stamped) of the current condition of the doe must also be provided to the seller.

Bred Does:  We will provide proof of pregnancy, with copy of test results from Bio-Tracking.  We will not be responsible for any problems, which might occur with the pregnancy or kidding, once animal leaves the farm.

Milkers:  Does purchased as milkers, are guaranteed to be healthy upon leaving the farm.  We are not responsible should doe dry up from the move, becomes ill from management changes, or develops mastitis from injury during transportation, improper milking procedures, etc.

    ***As the seller, we have the option to offer a replacement animal or issue a refund.  Replacement animals will be of the same gender and price range.   Original registration paperwork must be returned to seller. For bio-security measures, any animal which leaves our farm, may not be returned for ANY reason.  Other arrangements will need to be made for re-homing or disposal of said animal.   Buyer is responsible for all expenses incurred in the exchange of an animal.

There are NO guarantees of any kind on purchases of non-registered animals.