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SG FSF Tau Grace 3*M

2019 LA Score 03-04 90 VEVE

Goat , Saanen , Sr. Doe (female) |white

ADGA# 1782299 | DOB: 3/12/2016

Sire: Noble-Springs SET Tau +B

Noble-Springs SET Tau +B

Saanen Buck (male) white

ADGA# 1692642 Deceased
Tau added length, style, and dairyness to our herd. We cherish the Tau does we have in our herd.
  | ADGA# 1692642 | white
Dam: SG FSF Bentley Saratoga 2*M

2017 LA Score 04-04 90 VEEE

SG FSF Bentley Saratoga 2*M

Saanen Sr. Doe (female) white

ADGA# 1635727 Deceased
Saratoga was a doe we only wish we had the pleasure of owning longer. So many of her daughters have done wonderful things in out herd. We lost her during a traumatic kidding, and miss her every day. We have many of her daughters in our herd today, and wanted to include her as part of what got us to where we are now.
  | ADGA# 1635727 | white


Grace was one of those does that got better and better with time. Finally in 2019 she has hit her stride, being recognized in the show ring as well as in her appraisal scores. 2020 was good to Grace as she produced nearly 3500#, and her udder gained yet more capacity. Unfortunately we lost Grace in 2020 due to kidding complications. We are hopeful to see daughters freshen soon.

Updated 8/21/2021