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SG FSF Bentley Zenica 3*M

Top 10 Breed Leader for Milk Production!

Goat , Saanen , Sr. Doe (female) |white

ADGA# 1855552 | DOB: 3/19/2017 (5 yrs)  | Due Date: 2/17/2023

Sire: SG FSF Irwin Bentley +*B

SG FSF Irwin Bentley +*B

Saanen Buck (male) white

ADGA# 1855552 Deceased
  | ADGA# 1855552 | white
Dam: SGCH FSF Big Zeta 2*M

2019 LA Score 05-03 91 EEEE

SGCH FSF Big Zeta 2*M

Saanen Sr. Doe (female) white

ADGA# 1677910 DOB: 4/9/20148 yrs
Zeta is a powerhouse of a doe! And so smooth in general appearance. She has passed those traits on to her daughters and sons as well.
  | ADGA# 1677910 | white

New Senior Herdsire for 2022!

Vineyard View Timbuktu *B

Saanen Buck (male) white

ADGA# AS1881066 DOB: 3/30/20175 yrs
We are honored to bring in Timbuktu from Camille OConnor - bred by Vineyard View. Long and tall and oh so dairy with lovely pliable skin, long clean open bone pattern – yet still balanced and on strong feet and legs. His dam, SGCH Vineyard View Traveler LA 91 EEEE has an udder that is high, wide and capacious. Standing second in her class at 2015 Nationals (1st udder), Traveler exudes Dairy Strength. SGCH Cisco CSO Chard Kazana LA 91 EEEE had an incredible back and rump with awesome rear l ...
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Zenica is a big girl, no way around it! And has an udder that is capacious, balanced and productive. Well into her 4th lactation at 4 years of age, she is the highest producer in the barn in 2021 producing over 19# at 3 weeks lactation. She was just recognized on ADGA's Top 10 list for her production in 2020. This doe has been ignored in the show ring her entire life. Zenica 3*M (90VEEE) (AS1855552) is hard to ignore. Not only is she a monster of a doe in body size, she has a mammary system that alot of my dairy cattle friends envy! Zenica's sire is SG FSF Irwin Bentley +*B (AS1616726). Her dam is SGCH FSF Big Zeta 2*M (91 EEEE) (AS1677910). Zenica has a hair trigger of an attitude, being the resident biter in the barn. I won't lie, that attitude has put her on my short list from time to time! Being one of the few Bentley daughters remaining in our herd, she has a special place here.

Updated 11/14/2022