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FSF General Rosemary 13*M

2023 Linear Appraisal: VEEE 90

Goat , Saanen , Sr. Doe (female) |white

ADGA# 20113650 | DOB: 4/21/2019 (4 yrs)

Sire: Pleasant-Grove Start General +B

2019 LA Score 02-05 89 VEV

Pleasant-Grove Start General +B

Saanen Buck (male) white

ADGA# 1843221 Deceased
Pleasant Grove Start General (AS1843221) comes to us from Craig Koopmann in Iowa. General appraised 89VEV as a 2 year old in 2019. He is maturing into a stately gentleman, and is the sire of many of our 2 year old and yearling does. He has certainly filled in and kept growing since then! We like what we see in these does - correct mammary systems with with a will to milk and proportionate body size.
  | ADGA# 1843221 | white
Dam: SG FSF Kojack Milan 12*M

2019 LA Score 02-04 86 +VVE

SG FSF Kojack Milan 12*M

Saanen Sr. Doe (female) white

ADGA# 1855549 DOB: 3/5/20177 yrs
Milan is a doe that I have challenged myself to wait for. To come to fruition via AI, to mature very, very slowly... but my oh my, is she a work-horse of a doe, that I think will have it all together... eventually! Now well into her 3rd lactation, Milan is upholding her constant will to milk, producing 16# per day at 84 days in milk. She she maturing into her large frame, with a tremendous mammary. We were hoping for a doe kid from her in 2020, but that was not to be, so we'll repeat the breed ...
  | ADGA# 1855549 | white

2023 Spotlight Sale Buck!

Old-English Remington

Saanen Buck (male) white

ADGA# AS2335497 DOB: 3/23/20231 yr
Old-English Remington joins our herd as a result of the 2023 ADGA Spotlight Sale in Tulsa, OK. Many thanks to Carol Mann for breeding generations of beautiful Saanens. We have high hopes for Remington this fall and in years to come. If his daughters look and perform anything like the does in his pedigree, we will be elated. We hope to get Remington collected this fall.
Not for Sale
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Rosemary has developed a tendency for quads! Again in 2023, she delivered beautiful kids, 1 doe included. As of our first milk test in 2023, Rosemary is our highest producer, over 14 pounds just weeks into her lactation. 2023 Linear Appraisal: VEEE 90. Excellent Back & Rump.

Rosemary outdid herself with freshening with quads in 2022, three of them being does. We intend to keep these special girls here for a while, in the hopes that they combine all the best traits from Rosemary and Summit. Rosemary is maturing into her 2nd lactation and her mammary still looks and performs wonderfully.

We waited to freshen Rosemary as a 2 year old in 2021, and finally we have been rewarded. She had a tough kidding and slowly came into milk. By the end of her first lactation, the mammary that has developed is a wonder to see. 2021 Linear Appraisal: VVEV 88.

Updated 3/26/2024