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FSF General Rosemary 13*M

2021 Linear Appraisal: VVEV 88

Goat , Saanen , Sr. Doe (female) |white

ADGA# 20113650 | DOB: 4/21/2019 (3 yrs)  | Due Date: 2/24/2023

Sire: Pleasant-Grove Start General +B

2019 LA Score 02-05 89 VEV

Pleasant-Grove Start General +B

Saanen Buck (male) white

ADGA# 1843221 Deceased
Pleasant Grove Start General (AS1843221) comes to us from Craig Koopmann in Iowa. General appraised 89VEV as a 2 year old in 2019. He is maturing into a stately gentleman, and is the sire of many of our 2 year old and yearling does. He has certainly filled in and kept growing since then! We like what we see in these does - correct mammary systems with with a will to milk and proportionate body size.
  | ADGA# 1843221 | white
Dam: SG FSF Kojack Milan 12*M

2019 LA Score 02-04 86 +VVE

SG FSF Kojack Milan 12*M

Saanen Sr. Doe (female) white

ADGA# 1855549 DOB: 3/5/20175 yrs
Milan is a doe that I have challenged myself to wait for. To come to fruition via AI, to mature very, very slowly... but my oh my, is she a work-horse of a doe, that I think will have it all together... eventually! Now well into her 3rd lactation, Milan is upholding her constant will to milk, producing 16# per day at 84 days in milk. She she maturing into her large frame, with a tremendous mammary. We were hoping for a doe kid from her in 2020, but that was not to be, so we'll repeat the breed ...
  | ADGA# 1855549 | white

New addition to the herd in 2021

Tera-Del Social Justice *B

Saanen Buck (male) white

ADGA# AS2003325 DOB: 2/25/20193 yrs
When Social Justice became available early fall 2021, we couldn't pass up the change to incorporate a SocialClimber son into our breeding program. Justice has the same stamp as Marjoram, the SocialClimber daughter in our herd.
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We waited to freshen Rosemary as a 2 year old in 2021, and finally we have been rewarded. She had a tough kidding and slowly came into milk. By the end of her first lactation, the mammary that has developed is a wonder to see.

Rosemary outdid herself with freshening with quads in 2022, three of them being does. We intend to keep these special girls here for a while, in the hopes that they combine all the best traits from Rosemary and Summit. Rosemary is maturing into her 2nd lactation and her mammary still looks and performs wonderfully.

Updated 11/14/2022